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Workout Tips: How To Start Lifting Weights? Expert Tells Important Do’s And Don’ts

While working out at the gym, you may often be confused as to how heavy should be the weights that you workout with. Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines says that it is all about trial and error. You have to see for yourself the weights which are heavy enough to challenge your strength and stamina but not so heavy that they interfere with the form of exercise. As Itsines puts it, no one knows what weights are right for them until they try them. “If you feel awkward or embarrassed testing out weights in the gym, please don’t feel this way. You only have to do it once, then you will be set,” Itsines adds.

How to find out the number of weights you should lift

According to Itsines, you need to first determine your base weight. Now for the exercises that are included in her BBG programs, she recommends the following tips:

1. If you are able to do 12 reps of exercise with a weight of say, 5 kgs, and you find it easy, then you need to pick heavier weights.

2. If you are unable to perform 12 reps with the weight, you probably need to lift lighter weights.

3. If you are able to complete 12 reps with a particular weight, and you feel a burn on the last 3-4 reps, then that weight is your base weight.

“You should feel challenged by the weights, but you should not be compromising your form, and you should be able to complete the number of reps,” she explains in the caption of her Insta post.

To determine what weights you should work out with, you should have your base weight equipment, the equipment which is one level above your base weight and also the one which is one level below your base weight. When you are working out, you can increase or decrease the weights you lift, depending on how challenged you feel physically.

“So for example, if your base weight is a 10lb (or 4.5kg) dumbbell, then you should have 8lb, 10lb and 12lb dumbbells in front of you (you will use all of them, trust me). Then you won’t have to go back and forth and interrupt your workout to find the right weight,” Its exemplifies.Weight training is as important for men as it is for women. It makes you stronger and improves your stamina, endurance and mobility. The exercise regime helps in strengthening your bones and helps you have a toned body.



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