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Why Should You Have Besan Ka Halwa In Winters?

Winter is an ideal to time to snuggle up to a hot bowl of halwa dripping with ghee and nuts. This is that time of the year where a mere mention of gajar ka halwa will prompt you to get out of your quilts and fight for your rightful share. Another favourite that comes to mind is besan ka halwa. It is prepared in huge batches in North Indian households. Also known as besan ka sheera by some, this winter treat is known to keep cold and cough at bay. Since besan is rich in protein, vitamin B1 and antioxidants, it makes for a good addition to your winter diet, especially for your immunity. There are also good amount of nuts and dry fruits added to the halwa, replete with omega 3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties, which help keep you warm and reduces risk of chronic inflammation which could hinder healing from infections.Another winter superfood in besan ka halwa is obviously ghee. Ghee is excellent for your energy levels, we all know how sluggish we get in this chilly weather. It is also a source of  fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and butyrate that is linked with improved immunity and decreased inflammatory problems.
This besan ka halwa recipe by NDTV Food requires a handful of common ingredients like besan, ghee, sugar, milk, cardamom powder and dry fruits. Instead of sugar, you can also use jaggery powder, if you are wary about the empty calories sugar is infamous for.


1. Bring milk to boil.
2. In another pan roast ghee and besan together until it changes colour.
3. Add sugar, mix again.
4. Gradually add hot milk, until kit gets halwa like consistency.
5. Season with cardamom powder and dry fruits.
6. Serve hot with garnish of dry fruits. 



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