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TV attracts nearly 100 mn new premium audiences equaling India’s paid OTT subscribers

While NCCS A recorded a growth of 20 million viewers on TV, NCCS AB has grown by 94 million viewers over the last 3 years breaking myths around declining viewership & cord-cutting    

The biggest highlight of TV’s continuous growth has been the relative outperformance of premium audiences in the last few years. According to BARC data, NCCS AB audience on TV in 2022 has increased by nearly 94 million as compared to the same period in 2019, which is almost on par with the scale of India’s paid OTT subscribers currently estimated at 109 million, as per the Ormax OTT audience report 2022.

TV retains its impregnable position as an ideal platform for families to enjoy themselves with the best of live sporting action and entertainment content.  This advantage is most visible among NCCS AB audiences, which have grown by 22% on TV in the last 3 years compared to overall growth of 6%. Similar growth across male and female AB audiences further underlines the all-encompassing appeal of TV.

Sports spearheads growth of premium audiences on Television

TV’s appeal has been just as strong among the top-of-pyramid consumers reflected in 20% audience expansion among NCCS A despite the pandemic-induced stimulus to digital video.

TV has added nearly 20 million viewers among NCCS A since 2019. Sports has led the growth in NCCS A reach with a 60% contribution to audience attained over the last 3 years. Sports on TV has reached a scale of over 100 million 15+ NCCS A viewers which underlines its potential for brands targeting premium audiences.

OTT platforms struggle to bring in premium audiences with content offerings

Exclusive sports content offerings have led to TV being lapped up by premium audiences, seeking high-quality entertainment experiences that they can enjoy with their families and friends. While TV’s premium audiences are growing rapidly shattering all noise and chatter around the prevailing myths of declining viewership and cord-cutting, digital video consumption is dominated by audiences seeking free content from user-generated and telco-bundled OTT platforms. 

85% of all OTT viewership volume comes from free content, according to E&Y estimates in contrast to pay TV which is subscribed to by about 80% of Indian homes. Only 31% of India’s OTT viewers watch paid subscription content as per Ormax OTT audience report, which further validates its inferior economic audience profile relative to TV.



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