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Red Fort video surfaces, Deep Sidhu chased away by farmers after he hoists saffron flag

After hoisting a safron flag at Red Fort, actor-turned-activist Deep Sidhu is learnt to have drawn flak from protesters for giving communal colour to the farmers’ movment.

In a few videos that have surfaced on social media, angry farmers can purportedly be seen chasing away Sidhu.

In one such video where Sidhu is seen doing a Facebook live on a tractor after hoisting the flag, a group of farmers can purportedly be seen roughing him up and saying “you have damaged the entire movement”.

Following this, some farmers come to his rescue to save him and he is seen alighting from the tractor and running towards a bike. The farmers can purportedly be seen chasing and cursing him for damaging their cause. Sidhu is seen driving away on the bike.

Another video purportedly shot from a car shows a group of people chasing Sidhu in a car. The anger against Sidhu is visible on social media as well. Last night in live video on Facebook, Sidhu was seen trying to wash his hands off the entire episode, claiming he led people to Red Fort “as an individual”.However, soon there were over 3,000 comments on his live video and a majority of them were seen flaying him. Even some challenged him why he ran away from Red Fort? Had he the guts, he should have stayed put and defended the “dignity” of the flag he hoisted, they pointed out.



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