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Punjabi film industry begins to open, first film announces release date

Ihana Dhillon, shooting for Bhoot Uncle Tussi Great Ho says though producers are hopeful of an early release, “We aren’t sure of the date yet,” she says, adding, “Filmmakers are expecting cinemas to resume with full capacity soon since the situation seems to be improving.” With uncertainty still looming, producers are adopting the strategy of deciding their releases gauging responses to other films. With Tamil film, Master grossing over Rs 25 Cr despite 50% cinema occupancy, filmmakers have taken courage.Besides the roll out of COVID vaccination drive in India, 2021 is also heralding hopeful news for the Punjabi film industry. The first Punjabi film to release after March 2020 has been announced. Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa starrer, Puaada will release on March 11. “The last Punjabi film to hit screens was over a year ago on March 13, 2020 before the lockdown brought not just Punjabi cinema to a standstill but the whole global film industry,” says Pawan Gill, producer, adding, “But finally there seems to be light at end of the tunnel for the silver screens as we are releasing the film. The upcoming mad comedy romance for the entire family was initially set to release in cinemas in June 2020, coinciding with a summer holiday festive bonanza, but of course that couldn’t happen because of the pandemic.” Though about 40 other films in Punjab are ready for release, their release dates are also dependent on the NRI markets of Canada, UK and the US, besides Australia. Munish Sahni producer of Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi, says, “Right now there is a lot of confusion in the overseas market, which is very crucial for Punjabi films. US, Canada, UK are under lockdown. Tentative dates for Phatte…is July 16, and Maa on May 7. ”



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