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No dearth of NRI help, farmers stay strong

Non-Resident Indians continue to pour in support for protesting farmers against the farm laws at Delhi borders.

Though the January 26 incident dampened their spirits, all have regained courage and are back with full strength. NRIs are not only sending monetary help, but also sending necessary articles and some have even descended down to support them.

Dr Harkawal Singh, who recently migrated to Canada, said he was pained to see the state of affairs in India. “So many farmers are dying due to cold and being a doctor I thought there is nothing above medical aid that can be given to the protesting farmers. I landed here in Delhi and went straight to the Singhu border where I held a medical camp for one month. After meeting my relatives for 4-5 days in Punjab, I will be going back. I am always there for the people of my country and have shared my number with people here so that they can consult me online in case they have any problem,” he said.

Migrating to a foreign land 12 years ago did not make her alien to the problems faced by farmers back in her motherland. Pained at the thought of farmers sitting out in the biting cold, Gurmehak Sekhon Ghuman, born in Punjab, is not only sending support but also holding protests in the US.“My heart bleeds at the mere thought of farmers braving the cold. We are holding peaceful protest in the US in their support. In all the years I have lived here, I have never seen Indians coming together with tremendous passion and unity of opinion for one cause and that is to protest against the three agricultural laws passed by the Centre,” she said.



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