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Naib Tehsildar Recruitment Scam: Jammers sought at exam centres

Patiala, November 18

Candidates who took the exam for the recruitment of naib tehsildars have repeated their demand of having jammers installed at centres for all future recruitment examinations. The applicants had earlier raised the demand as a written representation sent to the state government in May this year. The matter is also part of a recently filed civil writ petition.

The Patiala police had recently seized a number of electronic devices from suspects arrested during the investigation into the scam and said answers to exam questions had been conveyed to candidates using GSM devices and bluetooth earbuds. And this could have been prevented if jammers were installed at the centres

One of the applicants said a number of students had expressed doubts as a few examinees were speaking while writing the exams, therefore, the demand was made earlier as well. “Now involvement of outsiders and cheating has been revealed in it”, he said.



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