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Mustard Leaves Health Benefits: Here’s How Sarson Is A Perfect Fit For Your Winter Diet

One of the common winter delights is saag. Green leafy vegetables mainly sarson or mustard leaves are used in the preparation. Mustard leaves are commonly available during the winter season. These are not only delicious but loaded with several health benefits. Mustard leaves contain fewer calories and a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Not just sarson ka saag, these leaves can be boiled, stir-fried or steamed for preparation for different foods. Here are some notable health benefits of this green leafy vegetable you should not miss during the winter season.Nutritionist Ridhima Batra took to Instagram to share the health benefits of sarson leaves and why you should not miss this winter leafy vegetable.Winter is the time when vegetable markets are loaded with lush green leafy vegetables. Sarson ka Saag is a vegetarian dish which is made using seasonal mustard (sarson) leaves along with other leafy veggies like bathua, spinach and radish leaves.



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