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Ministry of Education issues guidelines for continued education of migrant children

In order to mitigate the impact of challenges thrown by the coronavirus pandemic for out-of-school children, the Ministry of Education issued guidelines for the identification, admission, and continued education of migrant children.The Ministry of Education issued detailed guidelines on steps to be taken by the States/UTs during the closure of schools and when the school re-open.imilarly, the States/UTs have been asked for the continuation of home-based education for Children with Special Needs through Volunteers/ Special Educators even as a continuation of non-residential training for identified Out-of-School children States/UTs have been asked to identify OoSC for 6 to 18 years age-group through door-to-door survey and to prepare an action plan for their enrolment.

Student Support while Schools are closed

  • The Ministry of Education has asked States/UTs to support students by providing counseling, large-scale awareness and targeted home visits using the Manodarpan web portal and tele-counseling number for counseling services and psycho-social support.
  • It has also directed States/UTs to distribute the education material, supplementary graded material, workshops, worksheets to support home-based education.
  • The students will be provided access to online and digital resources, TV, Radio, etc. in an order to reduce learning loss.

  • Student Support on School Reopening

The States and UTs have been directed to identify students across different grades on the basis of their learning levels and relax the detention norms to prevent drop out. Even as directed to ensure reading with comprehension and numeracy skills by encouraging children to read books beyond the syllabus and creative writing and problem-solving.

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