Kites with farm slogans flood markets in Bathinda


Kites with farm protest slogans like ‘kisan ekta zindabaad’ and ‘no farmer, no food’ have flooded the market ahead of Basant Panchmi.

After using loudspeakers, social media and leaflets to amplify their voices of protest the three agricultural laws, farmers are now using kites for the purpose. These kites are doing brisk business in the city and are the centre of attraction for farmers and youth.

Farmer Gurleen Singh of Bathinda said, “I have purchased 100 kites with farmers’ slogans because our people are fighting at the Delhi borders for the past many days. This is an innovative form of protest to spread the message as far as possible by flying these kites on Basant Panchmi.”

Avneet Singh (25) said, “People our trying all kinds of peaceful means to make the voice of farmers heard. This will hopefully make more people aware of our fight.”

Even miniature plastic kites are getting a good response. Available in sizes ranging from six inches to 1.5 ft by 1.5 ft, these kites are being supplied from Jaipur and come in various shapes of popular cartoon characters. On an average, a kite can be purchased for Rs 10. However, kites up to Rs 200 and above are also available in the market.Sunil Kumar, a kite seller, said “The trend of buying kites has survived through the age of electronic gadgets. The craze of flying kites will always be there. Earlier, these were available for Rs 5, but now the cost has risen to Rs 10 per piece.”


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