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Jalandhar youth donates 3,500 books on Bhagat Singh

An advocate by profession, Yuvraj Singh, 25, has been donating books on Bhagat Singh to anyone interested in reading these for the past year. Having donated 3,500 books in a year, Yuvraj urges every recipient to pass on the book to a friend or an acquaintance after reading it.

Yuvraj says, “A few years ago, I read the jail diary of Bhagat Singh and his autobiographical discourses like ‘Why I am an Atheist’, and his essays. I felt that every Indian youth must go through these and know about the thoughts of the icon. At that time, I did not have any money to proceed with such plan, but I kept working on the idea.”

An LLB from Guru Nanak Dev University Regional Campus, Ladhewali, Yuvraj says it took him some time to save to begin with his mission. “The first thing I did was to procure 700 books. Of these, I took 300 to my native village Noorpur and contacted some youth there. I distributed the copies to them and told them to read and redistribute these. They did so and it gave me a great satisfaction,” he said.

“I used the social media, including WhatsApp groups and Facebook, to circulate the message that anyone interested in getting a free copy of the book could contact me. Many people from Jalandhar and other areas expressed interest. I took the help of friends to send books to nearby towns of Nakodar, Hoshiarpur, Kapurthala, etc.,” says Yuvraj Singh.

Now 11 volunteers, including his cousins, help him out in his mission. “I have also developed my personal library. I am always there to offer a free copy,” he says.About his plans for the Martyrdom Day function tomorrow, he says, “Some of my friends, activists and I have planned a programme tomorrow at the Desh Bhagat Yadgar Hall. Some people have contacted me for the books and I will distribute these at the venue.”



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