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‘How to make paneer, sanitiser’ among top searches on Google in 2020

‘How to make paneer’ has emerged as one of the top search trends on Google in 2020. The top trends were revealed as part of Google India’s ‘Year in Search‘ results that highlighted popular searches for the year.

Here is a simple way to make homemade paneer or cottage cheese with just two ingredients, courtesy cookwithmanali.com:


Whole milk

Curdling agent — vinegar/lemon juice/yogurt


*Boil the milk. Keep stirring so that it does not stick to the pan.
*Turn off the heat and add the curdling agent gradually. You will see the whey separate.
*After the milk curdles completely, use a muslin cloth to drain the water and collect the paneer. Let it set by applying pressure on the paneer with a heavy object like mortar and pestle. Leave it undisturbed for one or two hours.
*Once the paneer is set, remove it from the muslin cloth and cut it into pieces.

Online search for paneer was followed by “how to increase immunity”, with experts harping on it to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. From exercising to eating immunity-boosting foods and drinks, experts have come up with varied suggestions to keep diseases at bay.

People also searched “how to make Dalgona coffee” which turned out to be one of the hot food trends in 2020. If you still haven’t tried making it, here is a recipe you can check out.

People also searched for “how to make sanitiser at home”, in line with people’s increasing interest in homemade products this year. People started looking for ways to make hand sanitiser at home especially after it ran out of stock at many places towards the beginning of this year or were being sold for a very high price. Here is the process of making sanitiser at home.

This year, people focused more on others than themselves — ‘How to donate’ was searched twice more than ‘How to donate’. Among other top searches related to coronavirus were ‘what is coronavirus’, ‘what is plasma therapy’, and ‘what is COVID-19’.



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