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Hate propaganda alarms Akal Takht

Jatherdar questions Centre and Punjab govts’ leniency in taking action over it | Want communal harmony: Giani Harpreet Singh

Amritsar, November 18

Akal Takht has taken notice of the anti-Sikh hatred dialect and propaganda being spread on social media platforms and has questioned the Centre and the state government’s leniency in taking action over it. Akal Takht’s officiating Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh asked, “If in a nation, no objection could be raised over terming it a ‘Hindu rashtra’, then how could the ones, who talk about ‘Sikh rashtra’, be held wrong?”

He claimed that hate propaganda was being spread against Sikhs in Punjab on a large-scale over social media.

Referring to the statement of a Hindu leader threatening to attack a shrine on social media, he said it was pity that a threat had been issued openly yet the government remained a mute spectator.

“Why was the culprit not jailed? Days have passed, but he has been roaming around under the government’s security cover. Had such a hatred statement been passed by a non-Hindu against some other prominent shrine, he would have been thrown behind bars”, he said.

The Hindu leader, who has a security cover provided by the state government, had allegedly threatened to attack the Golden Temple, recently.

“We want to live in communal harmony. If a unified nation has to be established, then there should be no discrimination in implementing laws. The anti-Sikh elements would have to be dealt with sternly and the Sikh issues have to be resolved. ‘Bandi Singhs’ have to be freed. If Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins could be freed, how could the same law be not applicable for them?” he said.



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