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Despite incentive, few takers for vasectomy in Muktsar district

Compared to women, less than 1% men opt for family planning measures

Muktsar, November 23

When it comes to adopting family planning measures, it seems the responsibility just lies with women.

For instance, the district health authorities did just 19 vasectomies (male sterilisation) in Muktsar district last year. However, 2,507 tubectomies (female sterilisation) were done during the same period in the district.

The situation is similar this year as well. Just 20 vasectomies and 2,198 tubectomies have been recorded in the district till October.

An official of the Health Department said though routine awareness programmes were being conducted, yet response of men for family planning measures was poor. “Men usually associate vasectomy with impotence and don’t show interest in it. This is is a false notion. Several women, however, choose to have a permanent sterilisation done immediately after giving birth to their second child, because they know how much pain they will have to bear and how much time they will have to give while giving birth to another child,” he said.

He added, “Due to lack of interest among men, the department gives an incentive of Rs 1,100 to a man for vasectomy. However, it gives Rs 250 to a woman living above poverty line (APL) and Rs 600 to those living below poverty line (BPL) for tubectomy.”

He further said usually men between the age group of 25 to 70 and women between the age group of 25 to 45, who already have two children, were motivated for vasectomy and tubectomy.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Ranju Singla said, “Health workers will go door to door till November 27 to inform people about the benefits of having a small family and the tools available for family planning. Thereafter, special incisionless sterilisation camps will be organised from November 28 to December 4.”

Dr Kirandeep Kaur, District Family Welfare Officer, Muktsar, said, “Nowadays, if a family has one or two children, they will be able to nurture them properly and give them good education. However, if there are more kids, they will be deprived of good upbringing and education. To increase the participation of men in family planning, the sterilisation fortnight is being organised by the department.”



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