BJP, not an election machine, aims to win hearts: Modi on party’s 41st Foundation Day


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said, that earlier the governments did not have the welfare of small farmers, but his government—through various welfare policies—has aimed to ensure their upliftment.  

Modi was speaking at the 41st Foundation Day of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). 

While making a pitch of the nation above party, the Prime Minister said that the government is being evaluated on its delivery system. 

Unfortunately, if the BJP wins the elections it is called election machinery, when others win the victory is attributed to their leaders. 

“Opposition parties have failed to understand the mind of people. The fact is the BJP is not a machine to win elections, it is to win the hearts of people,” said the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister said that it is through the efforts of the party cadres that the BJP is winning elections.  

People you see at the top are just the tip of the iceberg. There are those at the bottom working relentlessly for its progress, the Prime Minister said lauding the party cadres. 

“We do not believe in political untouchability. We respect and honour even those who have been political rivals and opposed to our ideologies. Padma awards are recognition of common people,” the Prime Minister added.

“The 21st century is watching the end of dynastic rule. Parties which were wearing the mask of false secularism is also coming off. Sabka saath sabka vikas sabka viswas has ensured that,” said the Prime Minister. 

The Prime Minister said that the false narratives are being built, sometimes on issues related to CAA, sometimes labour laws. 

“All these lies are being spread to spread misinformation, imaginary fears and destabilize the country. The majority of it is being done by those who cannot accept their defeat or have issues with BJP”, Modi said asking BJP cadres to be careful, and ensure that such lies and falsehoods are not spread.Urging party cadres to be “humble and work with humility”, Modi urged party cadres to continue working for welfare of people. He also asked cadres to set 25 year personal  goals as well as the party


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