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Amazfit GTR2 smartwatch review: A good timepiece that keeps track of your wellness

Amazfit has been making some amazing strides in the space of wearables. More than innovation, the company’s contribution has been in bringing the latest technology to affordable price points. This month, the company has announced a battery of new smartwatches with different price points and we got to test the GTR2 model.

The GTR2 is a very normal looking smartwatch. This has its pros and cons. A lot of users will prefer a smartwatch that is not conspicuously smart. Others will think what’s the point of getting a smartwatch that doesn’t look like one.

I, however, loved the design for its simplicity — a round watch face with minute markers on the bezel, a button for power and access to the menu and another for quick access to workouts. All very functional and not at all confusing.

The 1.39-inch AMOLED display is bright enough to make sense under the Sun. But the glossy finish will also show you the Sun when you look at the display. You can adjust the brightness and other settings with a menu that can be pulled down from the top of the screen. A swipe up on the screen shows the notifications.

Interestingly, this smartwatch can play music natively and does not prompt you to plug in a Bluetooth device. However, if you do decide to play music on the watch, you might appear like one of those uncles who go for morning walks with music playing full volume from their pockets.

The GTR2 is a complete smartwatch. It keeps tab of your fitness and health, which I think are primary reasons now for people to invest in a wearable. So while the watch measures and analyses steps, calorie burn and sleep using the Zepp app, it has more up its sleeve.

Given the times we live in, the GTR2 tracks SPO2 levels to tell you if the blood oxygen levels are in range. Unlike the heart rate monitoring which happens on the watch as a continuous process, the blood oxygen levels are user-initiated. In comparison to the Apple Watch, the GTR2 takes a minute to monitor the same. This is fine, and you just need to keep your hand still for the said period.

The other good feature is the workout mode, where you can activate a walk or run with GPS tracking. Here you get to see the time spent on the workout, distance covered and steps. You can also choose indoor workouts and swimming.

There is also a stress measure, which shows what range you are in. However, it does not send alerts when you are really stressed out which is a feature I would have loved, though I fear it will keep the watch buzzing like the beep sounds in an Indian web series.

What really impressed me was the sleep tracking. Thankfully, the strap is comfortable enough for you to wear to sleep. After wearing it for a couple of nights, I got to match the data with another gadget that was tracking my sleep at the same time. The numbers were quite accurate and the Zepp app gives the ability to juxtapose the heart rate data on the sleep data to draw inferences. This is the kind of stuff doctors are studying to recommend lifestyle changes.

I also loved the features that are hidden from the main menu, like the compass and altimeter. Both are useful to have for those who are on the more active side and are venturing out despite the pandemic.

And in case you decide to wear the GTR2 on a mountain trek, let me tell you that the battery is something you don’t have to worry about. In the weeklong review, I did not have to charge the watch even once. The watch should last about 10 days on a full charge.

Overall, the GTR2 is one of the best smartwatches you can buy at a price point that is almost half of some top brands with similar features. The GTR2 does not have any major negatives, though I think the watch face is big for people with small hands. So do keep that in mind before picking up the model. Amazfit has other models with small sizes for such users. Everyone else should consider this.



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