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Almond And Rose Kheer Recipe

About Almond And Rose Kheer Recipe: No Indian festivity is complete without a traditional sweet treat and kheer makes for a perfect choice for every celebration! Here is a quick and easy kheer recipe with the goodness of almonds and refreshing rose flavour, which you can try at home.

How to Make Almond And Rose Kheer

  • 1.Soak the rice in water for about 20 minutes.
  • 2.Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan. After a boil, reduce the heat and simmer till milk is reduced to half the original volume.
  • 3.Add the soaked rice after draining the water and cook on low heat till rice is cooked well and the mix thickens.
  • 4.Add chopped almonds and cook for further 15 mins on low heat till the kheer is thick and creamy, add sugar.
  • 5.Set aside to cool. Once cool add rose water and mix. Refrigerate till serving
  • 6.Roast some almond slivers in an oven for 180 degrees for 5 minutes, until golden brown. Garnish with slivers and dried rose petals before serving.

Key Ingredients: full fat milk, rice, grain sugar, Rose water drops, dried rose petals, almonds, almond slivers



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